YCP CIVIC 76mm Turbo Vitara Pistons + NPR rings D16

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Introducing the P2P0 Spec custom YCP turbo Vitara pistons made for all D16 applications. The P2P0 Spec YCP Vitara pistons are custom made with friction reducing Teflon™ skirt coating. YCP Vitaras are proven to set high HP records. Others may claim they have a superior piston but YCP has been proven time and again.

P2P0 Spec YCP 76mm Vitara Pistons with NPR Rings

Vitara Spec Bore: 76mm (1.00mm Oversized)
Coating: Teflon™ Skirt Coating
Piston Material: High strength AC8A grade casting
Piston Heat Treatment: T6 Stress Relieving
Wrist Pin: Floating 19mm
Wrist Pin Material: 9310 Case Hardened
Wrist Pin Retention: C Clip
Dual Wrist Pin Oiling Holes
Piston Ring Material: N-51 Gas Nitride treated
Dish Volume: -15.00cc
Compression Height 28.30mm

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in