YCP CIVIC 75mm Turbo Vitara Pistons + NPR rings D16 ZC

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The P2P0 Spec YCP Vitara pistons are custom made with friction reducing Teflon™ skirt coating. These pistons feature a stock PM3 diameter which eliminates all piston slapping issues. No need to overbore to 75.5mm to maintain wall clearance. YCP Vitaras are proven to set high HP records. Others may claim they have a superior piston but YCP has been proven time and again.

P2P0 Spec YCP 75mm Vitara Pistons with NPR Rings

P2P0 Spec Honda PM3 Bore: 75mm STD (2.952”)
Coating: Teflon™ Skirt Coating
Piston Material: High strength AC8A grade casting
Piston Heat Treatment: T6 Stress Relieving
Wrist Pin: Floating 19mm
Wrist Pin Material: 9310 Case Hardened
Wrist Pin Retention: C Clip
Dual Wrist Pin Oiling Holes
Piston Ring Material: N-51 Gas Nitride treated
Dish Volume: -15.00cc
Compression Height 28.30mm

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in